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The all-in-one digital product development platform for the food industry

Go from recipe to final product in a few easy steps, with transparent access to sustainability reporting, live timeline updates and all project information in one central location.

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Preview of the feature SKU card of the former platform prototype.

Our promise:
A digital development process
in 4 easy steps

Preview of the feature SKU card of the platform app.


Pick a product from the portfolio

Choose from our existing catalogue of 
50+ plant-based SKUs available in 10 categories

Preview of the feature SKU Tasting of the platform app.


Taste & Feedback directly via the tool

Order product samples and iterate based on your product concept

Preview of the feature Track Process of the platform app.


Track & Review the  Progress

Design, Product Specs & QA info all available for download

Preview of the further features of the platform app.


Order the final product to your warehouse

Why the makers?

Cut development time 
in half.

All our products are ready to launch in just a few weeks.

All out of
one hand.

We are a team of experts in product development, QA, Design and Logistics so you don't need to be.

Cut development time 
in half.

With the help of OptiSignFood, we develop high quality products that are CO2-friendly.


All the products in our portfolio are plant-based and come with a PCF.

Our vision:
A digitalised food industry with a focus on sustainability & nutrition
Certified B Corporation bagde
Icon for Sustainable Development Goals: Goal 3 "Good Health and Well-Being".Icon for Sustainable Development Goals: Goal 9 "Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure".Icon for Sustainable Development Goals: Goal 12 "Responsible Consumption and Production".Icon for Sustainable Development Goals: Goal 15 "Life on Land".

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Preview of the feature Optimization Engine in the OptiSignFood tool.

Based on our
 optimisation engine OptiSignFood

First Data Science and AI-assisted holistic platform to design optimised high quality and safe food products with minimal environmental impact:

Plant-based ingredients with
in-depth impact analysis
Safe up to 98% CO2eq per recipe based on ingredient selection
Comply with all regulatory requirements and customer wishes at once
Reduce failure rate of new products brought to the market
Logo of the EU project Horizon 2020.Read more about OptiSignFood here.

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“The Makers product portfolio merges products with challenger brand characteristics with a disinflationary price structure.“

“We have never been so quick to launch a product from the initial idea to our warehouse.“

“I consider The Makers as my digital Sales funnel. It makes our processes so much easier and leads to immense cost and time savings.“

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